Sunday Aug 5, 2018

Revival of Nineveh

Jonah 3

Then the word of the Lord came upon Jonah a second time…..


God gives second chances in order to:


 I. Draw us into vibrant ____________________. Vs. 3-5

Jonah delivered an eight word sermon on the destruction of the people. His worry was confirmed; they repented and “Believed in God”


II. Show the way to ____________________. Vs. 5-9


· The Nineivtes called a “fast”

· They all put on sackcloth

· Their behavior changed


1.  Everyone called urgently to God

2.  Everyone gave up their evil ways

3. Everyone gave up their violent behavior.





Who knows? God may turn His fierce anger so we will not perish. Vs. 9



III. Remind us of his ___________________.      vs. 10


Jonah saw the hand of God miraculously move. God did not punish the Ninevites.

God’s character of compassion and patience shines brightly in the midst of spiritual darkness and rebellion.




God does give second chances but….


He also wants to see our “Deeds”