Sunday December 3, 2017



Luke 1:26-38


The story is simple: A young girl who totally trusts God and God who did the impossible.

Three amazing things from Mary:


1.  The __________________ (vs. 31-37)

If God is going to do something wonderful, He starts with a problem.

If He is going to do something spectacular, He starts with impossibility!


2.  The __________________ (v.31)

The following individuals were given assignments which they thought were impossible to fulfill, but God saw beyond their circumstances:


a. Abraham to be the Father of a nation was ___________.

b. Moses to be a leader of a nation was _______________.

c. Samson to be the King of a nation was ______________.

d. David to be the King of a nation was ________________.

e. Isaiah to be the Prophet of a nation was _______.

f. John the Baptist to be the PR man for Jesus was ______.

g. Matthew to be the Disciple of Jesus was ___________.

h. Zacheus to be the Host for Jesus was _______.

i. Peter to be the Rock of the church was _______.


3.  The ____________. (v. 38)

Just what did Mary risk in order to trust and obey God?

a. Family rejection.

b. Public disapproval.

c. The loss of Joseph.

d. Possibility loss of life


God chose Mary, but Mary had a choice as well.


Closing:  Christmas tells me that I can make a difference.

                   Christmas gives me Hope and Love.

                   Christmas makes it possible to see God.